Free games!

Free PC games that I love!

Not every game here is guaranteed to be your thing, or good even. But they're all games that I've enjoyed.

Most of these can be run on potatoes. I didn't have a very good computer for a long time so a lot of what I've played is pretty minimal. I hope this list will help those of you that can't play/can't afford newer games can still have something to play totally for free!


Freedoom is the only truly free option for playing doom. However I'm a spicy dumbass and I consider Doom 1 and 2 to be basic human rights so just pirate that shit. Even just with Freedoom and a sourceport there are plenty of total conversions that are basically whole games. I'll link a few here, but in the future I plan to have a page dedicated to Doom. I consider it one of the greatest and longest lasting games of all time. Doom forever!


Gzdoom (Singleplayer)

Zandronum (Multiplayer)

Total conversions:

Golden Souls

Hellshots Golf


Cave Story

One of my favorite games of all time. I will never not scream about this game. It's been free since release so you have no reason not to play it!


Halo 2/Project Cartographer

The classic first person shooter on PC maintained by fans. This is technically a modification of the original PC release for "Games for Windoes Live". This mod streamlines the install process, removes Games for Windows Live garbage and adds some great features like FOV.


Murder Simulator v.666

I love this game as a small multiplayer experience. It's a lot of fun with friends. Created by Loren Schmidt of Strawberry Cubes. Maps are image based so making custom content is insanely easy. The controls are a bit obnoxious, so i recommend using something like Joy2key to map a control to keyboard inputs.

Itch page

Spelunky Classic

An indie classic. It's likely you've heard of this one, but if you haven't it's well worth your time.


Phantasy Star Online

I may not like MMOs very much, but I do enjoy this game quite a bit. This is a fan server, I'm not sure if theres a better one out there, this is just the one I played on for awhile. I've always said fans can do amazing things, and the MMO community is insane sometimes. Check this one out if MMOs are your thing.


The Underside

A Cave Story clone kinda. This one hurts for me because I love this one so much, and it has so much potential. But as far as I can tell, the creator has moved on to other things. I still think this is amazing and should be played by everyone. If you ever see Arthur Lee out in the wild, scream at him to finish his fucking game.



I can't really fill up this page with every free low spec game out there, so heres a little list of games that you should check out, but I don't really want to write a whole blurb about

Yume Nikki/Clones

Clone Hero



Knytt and other stuff